How to Get There

Pro Magno Events Center

Av. Professora Ida Kolb - 513 - Jardim das Laranjeiras 
São Paulo / SP | Brasil
Main points of reference
• Barra Funda Station
• Field of Mars (Airport)
• Bourbon Shopping
NurnbergMesse travel program
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For those who are taking the bus, the following lines are available, considering disembarkation at Av. Ordem e Progresso and entrance by the portaria of Av. Professor Ida Kolb nº 513:

• 9784/10 – JD DOS FRANCOS – From the station Barra Funda
•  917M / 10 – MORRO GRANDE – From Ana Rosa station
• 9717-10 – (SANTANA / JD. ALMANARA) – From the Carandiru subway station.

Nearest bus stop:
Avenida Ordem e Progresso, 1135 – Casa Verde – São Paulo / SP


There are many cycle paths in the region and the event will provide a bike rack for visitors who come by bicycle.


Call centers are offered at the beginning and in the end of the event at a fixed point