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Post Show Report

Do you know how to show ROI and the results of your participation in trade shows?

Every business - small, medium or large - needs reports for better organization, planning, investment analysis and strategic action. The periodicity varies according to the needs of each company, but the important thing is to correctly select the data that must be presented and create an attractive layout.

But what is the Post Show Report?

It is a complete report that highlights the main event numbers, audience profile, survey data, exhibitor and visitor testimonials, among other important data.

In order to help them build a complete Report, we highlight some tips. Check out!
• Do not use too much text, turn your numbers into graphics for easier reading;
• Use testimonials from market players.
• It is always good to highlight positive opinions;
• Do not forget to use the same layout as the campaign in the presentation;
• Exalt your strengths and new achievements;
Be objective, do not add irrelevant information to make volume. Size is not synonymous with quality.

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